Monument #2 at MOCA – April 7, 2016

Monument Performance

Metal Rouge
Palmbomen II

Inspired by the ambient glow of Dan Flavin’s “monument” for V. Tatlin (1969), Monument is a yearlong series of performances by Los Angeles–based musicians and sound artists staged within the current installation of MOCA’s permanent collection. Considering the acoustics of the Grand Avenue galleries, Monument pairs musicians with specific pieces and/or galleries to enhance the viewer’s experience of the artwork through the addition of sound. Monument is co-organized by artists Nick Malkin and Brian Allen Simon in collaboration with MOCA.

Metal Rouge play an ‘ambient’ set in front of Franz Kline’s painting ‘Buttress’ at MOCA
Andrew Scott and Helga Fassonaki at MOCA, photos taken by Sara Gernsbacher, 2016


Metal Rouge – recorded live at MOCA Grand, 04-07-16