Helga Fassonaki 

A Los Angeles-born artist, Helga Fassonaki’s practice investigates the relations and dissonances between body, sound, social structures, and space, seeking the juncture between environmental conscious and the creative self.

Following the completion of her graduate studies at Elam School of Fine Art in New Zealand in 2005, Fassonaki has explored the body as a vehicle for the movement of sound within her ongoing project,
yek koo, while her Radio Concept Tour, a series of performances executed across the United States on live radio, examined the relationship between body, microphone and air movement, deploying space and silence as a demarkation of the audience’s physical absence. In 2014, she began the Khal project, within which sculptural scores, made in Tabriz, Iran, were sent to female artists across the globe to be interpreted and performed in public in lieu of her ability, as a woman, to do so while residing in Iran under the post-revolution government. Iterations of Khal have been exhibited internationally, with a forthcoming text and audio release, containing images, interviews, and artifacts generated by the exchanges between Fassonaki and the participants, to be issued by Drawing Room Records in 2019. More recent projects include One Song, Two Sides Bold Breathing – This Land, an auditory spacial composition, executed by eight participants, which re-moded “This Land Is Your Land”, written by Woody Guthrie in 1944, as challenge to notions of occupancy and land rights in Joshua Tree, California, where the performance took place.  She is the co-founder and director of Emerald Cocoon, a record label founded in 2008 devoted to experimental music. Last year she launched untune, an artist-run social-curatorial project space and intimate engaging platform.

CONTACT: persniks(at)gmail(dot)com