Helga Fassonaki 

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Standing in front of an empty storefront sign, squinting in the hot desert sun, tanned by the geography of developed and undeveloped territories, searching unnamed spaces of hidden interiors, of vacant plots, of distorted traffic tunes, of flaming red skies, of vibrating blocks of concrete, of rocky mountain echoes, of the half-full overly romanticized Los Angeles River and of holy Hollywood and its smaller than life sign for possible clues of its influence and impact from childhood to now, as artist and life navigator.  Only the spaces between the relics of dusted fame, the annual rings of an oak tree and within the unnoticed crevices of subculture can I claim as the exploring grounds that continue to inform my process-based and social experimental approach to the imperfect strokes of life in this sun-dazed city as a canvas in need of stretching.  To move freely between one medium and another, borrowing from each discipline to inform the other, closing the gaps that make one end of Sunset Boulevard a world apart from the other.  The in-between, the edge, the empty quarter – areas of concentrated dissonance where two or more bio-diverse species overlap and assimilate, transforming the individual voice into an amplified multicolored many – it is this area, birthed from an upbringing of fragmented chaos in a city that entertains chaos intercepted by a landscape thirsty for sustainable grace and perceived through the lens of my dyslexic brain, where my art finds meaning and finds me in motion. I move between multiple disciplines with emphasis in site, ecology, sound, performance and installation, welcoming collaborators and participants in the becoming and regeneration of the ongoing process.