“…untune the Universe and leave its polished timber cracked, entangled in a mesh of strings.” (Michael Hartnett, “He’ll To The Moors”)

the shape of things to come
an entity for fostering cultural presence, radical critical thinking, ecosystem restoration and biodiversity within and outside a curatorial fieldwork
a dwelling for learning, unlearning, creating, and transferring knowledge
an exploration of regenerative methods and social support systems
intersecting bodies, voices, processes, actions, land, and art

aims to destroy the alienating frame
slow down energy flow
weave natural resources into poetic process
and provide space for resonating fields of study and thought

email: untunetune@gmail.com
Instagram: un.tune
Facebook: untune

untune is transitory. Current projects and activity can be found on untune’s Facebook or Instagram page.

coming soon!

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