Khal in Book of Scores at Disjecta

The Book of Scores, curated by Chiara Giovando

September 26 – November 1, 2015

8371 N Interstate Ave, Portland, Oregon

8 Pillars – A Free Score (live)
composed by Helga Fassonaki
performed by Julia Santoli & Helga Fassonaki for the Book of Scores opening – September 26, 2015
Watch video on Vimeo

Still from “8 Pillars – A Free Score,” super 8 Film and video

8 Pillars – A Free Score (film projection)
film features Suki Dewey, Nazanin Daneshvar, Yasi Alipour, Julia Santoli, Gabie Strong, Laura Sofia, and Helga Fassonaki
Watch video on Vimeo

Khal Open Book

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