Khal Publication: April 2020

Khal publication includes 110 loose-leaf pages + double cassette compilation
English, 7.75 x 4.75 inches
Edition of 150
A project by Helga Fassonaki
Designed and Co-edited by Sming Sming Books
Co-published with Drawing Room Records

After years of gathering and communicating with a growing number of participating voices, I am thrilled to present a dedicated publication – a living archive of drawings, interviews, compositional notes, and recordings that occurred between 2014 and 2020 between myself and  over 25 artists.

The Khal project began in Tabriz, Iran in 2014 as a response I had to a suppressive law.  The project continues for an unknown duration – presented here as an unbound book of living scores welcoming repeated and diverse interpretations for as long as history continues to repeat itself and sanctions and censoring of the human spirit remain unlifted.

Featured and participating artists include:
The original recipients of the Khal scores: Marcia Bassett (Zaïmph), Christina Carter, Angel Chirnside, Kali. Z. Fasteau, Chiara Giovando, Jenny Gräf, Kelly Jayne Jones, Kathleen Kim, Heather Leigh, Rachael Melanson (Ro Sen), Shana Palmer, Ashley Paul, Purple Pilgrims, Matana Roberts, Rachel Shearer, and Gabie Strong.
Additional participating artists: Yasi Alipour, Mira Billotte (White Magic), Jo Burzynska (Stanier Black-Five), Zahra Killeen Chance, Ella Chau Yin Chi (French Concession), Nazanin Daneshvar, Suki Dewey, Beth Ducklingmonster, Helen Greenfield (Mela), Hermione Johnson, Sarah Kelleher (Misfit Mod), Jessika Kenney, Pauline Lay and Ang Frances Wilson, Elizabeth Mary Maw, Maryam Bagheri Nesami, Tina Pihema (Piece War), Fariba Safai, Julia Santoli, Laura Sofia, Joan Sullivan, Gemma Syme (Instant Fantasy), twelve anonymous artists in Tabriz, Iran, and more as the series continues.

Khal project was supported, in part, by a Foundation for Contemporary Arts Emergency Grant.

Khal Publication + Double Cassette Compilation – Sorry I am out of copies!  Please check with:
Sming Sming Books
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More information about the project:
Past and Present PRESENTATIONS of Khal