Vancouver, BC – 2019

Vanier Park, Vancouver, BC – May 3, 2019

Circle #1 (part of an ongoing series involving the creation of 100 foot circles on different land masses, first ignited by a Lew Welch poem) was created in Vancouver, BC on May 3, 2019.  I drew the circle with wild birdseeds sourced in and local to Vancouver.  The idea was that the geese and wild birds in the park would eat away the seeds, erasing the circle just as the Salish village, called Sen’ákw that once occupied the park had also been erased.

The Sen’ákw – a once Salish village – “a place of gathering, culture, spirituality, and governance”.

Remove the circle and what do you find?

composed and performed by Helga Fassonaki
photo documentation by Bradford Bailey