Joshua Tree, CA – 2019

Joshua Tree, CA – June 14, 2019

Circle #2 (part of a series involving the creation of 100 foot circles on different land masses, first ignited by a Lew Welch poem) was created in a remote area of Joshua Tree where I inscribed the circle right into the dusty earth.  I choreographed a piece where fellow artist Mira Billotte and I walked in opposite directions of the circle while humming with the desert wind, trying to become one with its tune.  With each cycle around the perimeter, we moved closer to the center.  Spencer Keizer, who recorded us was also part of the circle.  I had him wear binaural microphones to record our sound while encircling us.  His ears were receiving the sound that moved from far to close, low to high.   The piece was a vocal-spacial experiment, attempting to extract within, the energy of the wind as it collided with the heat, the dry air, and the sound waves between us.

composed by Helga Fassonaki
performed by Helga Fassonaki and Mira Billotte
movement and camera recording by Spencer Keizer