The Source / a Secret Restaurant

The Source, a secret restaurant at the Free Church of Public Fiction, opened it’s doors for Dinner on Friday March 25th and for Brunch on Sunday March 27th.

The Source draws from Los Angeles’s lineage of cults, rituals and ceremonies surrounding food, and takes it’s name from Hollywood’s own Source Restaurant (founded by The Source Family cult and Father Yod in 1969.)

Friday March 25th – THE END (the last)
Dinner at 6:30 and 9pm

Sunday March 27th – THE NEW BEGINNING (resurrection)
Brunch at 11am and 1pm


Meals were crafted and manifested by Sophia Dixon, Helga Fassonaki, Lauren Mackler, Lisa Nguyen and Jennifer June Strawn. With guest alchemist Andrew Scott.
Cult music mixes gathered and created by Helga Fassonaki.

The Source was set within Davida Nemeroff / Two By Two: The Church Of The Animals with work by Jennifer Boysen; Alika Cooper; Lauren Mackler; Davida Nemeroff; Mark A. Rodriguez; Eric J. Palgon; Wintergarden Ltd.