2018, East Coast USA

Vox Populi,  Philly, PA (5/25/18) Ontopo @ Catskill ZenDo, Summitville, NY (5/26/18) Avenue Grocery, Brattleboro, VT (5/29/18) Root Cellar, Greenfield, MA (5/30/18) Spectrum, Brooklyn, NY (5/31/18)

2015, New Zealand

yek koo @ Purple Rain, Dunedin NZ - 10/30/15 yek koo @ The Auricle Sonic Arts Gallery, Christchurch, NZ (11-29-15) yek koo @ The Audio Foundation, Auckland, NZ (11-26-15) yek koo @ Purple Rain, Dunedin, NZ (10-30-15)


synonyms:  communal, community, collective, group, general, popular, civil, public, societal To be anti any of the above is to be antisocial, recognized as a social problem.  Refusing to be social is refusing to relate to human society and its members.  Someone with social issues.  Sociopaths are often described as antisocial -  “dangerous, unprincipled, distasteful, disruptive, rebellious, …